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winter faq


We begin service when the snowfall ends. Our crews are on call 24/7 during the Winter. If the snow stops overnight, we begin service overnight. If it stops during the day, we begin service during the day. The routes are designed to be completed with 4-6 hours of a typical snowfall's end. Because we can't control when the snow actually stops, we do not guarantee a specific time (ie 8am), instead we give you a timeframe.

If we are forecasted to receive larger amounts of snow over an extended period of time, we will service the property multiple times. We recognize most vehicles are able to function in 3-4" of snow, but once you go over that depth it gets questionable. We watch weather and if it looks like it is getting into the 5"+ forecast we will service multiple times to try to keep your property accessible throughout the snowfall. Please note if you choose a per time option, you are charged each time they service during those large snowfalls.

City Plow Clean Ups

have crews out the day following a snowfall to help clean up the city plow ridges. Because timing of the city plowing can vary, we may check your property before the city plows. If you should go 24 hrs past a snowfall and still have a ridge, email our office and a truck will be dispatched. Please note, requested clearing of plow ridges is included in seasonal and installment pricing, but is billed additionally on per time agreements. 

Trigger Depths

We will service your property each time a single snowfall event reaches the trigger depth you selected at the beginning of the season. Smaller snowfalls that are under your selected trigger, then left to accumulate, adding up to your trigger are not automatically cleared. If smaller snowfalls are left to accumulate and become packed snow or ice, we are not responsible for clearing down to the cement. **See salting services
available to deal with packed or icy walkways

Salting Services

We salt by request. We invoice salt at the end of each month, since the amount used can vary greatly by the weather conditions. There are 4 options you can choose from.

 1. We can have the shoveling crews salt each time they clear snow from the property. This can be excessive, since the weather conditions don't always necessitate salt.

2. We can add you to the salting route that is done during the day after the snow is cleared or if we get ice storms.

3. We can provide a salt bucket/barrel for use when you feel it necessary. This is one of our most popular options, since it allows you to salt between services if needed. We will deliver a filled barrel at the beginning of the season. If it starts to run low, just send an email and we will have the crew re-fill it.

4. A combination of options two and three. Your property is in the salt routes and we  leave a barrel so you can salt as needed.

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